Your Soul Is The Damn Strategy

Grace J. Kim
4 min readMar 16, 2021
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Your soul is your strategy.

For everything.









What to do on a Saturday

What to do on a Monday

What to do on a Wednesday

What to do on a Tuesday

What to do an-y-day



Creating a business

Expanding a business



Interacting with strangers

Interacting with in-laws

Interacting with the law

I mean, really -


It’s easy to say that this is not a practical strategy.

And I tell you — we.are.not.practical.beings.

Did you know that?

Did you know that we are made of more than logic?

That our lives aren’t lego blocks?

That we are not cogs in a wheel and neither is any component of our lives?

It’s been so easy to buy into the idea that we just need the ANSWER and we’re okay.

We just need to know what to do NEXT.

We just need to know HOW this is going to work out.

Our brains work well.

But our brains will never outperform the nature of who and what we are.

The nature of us being:

God incarnate

an expression of the Divine

vessel of Spirit

an extension of Source

pure positive energy

life force

co-creators with the universe

children of God

a drop in the ocean AND the whole damn ocean

You know… just that.

Nothing big.


The focus of the universe is literally concentrated within each of us…

and there’s a misconception that the answer is the answer, that it’s what we NEED,


that getting the answer is the completion of the experience of the problem.

So, if we could just get from point A to point B, then PLEASE for the love of GOD, tell us HOW.

We don’t need a shpiel or the scenic route or the colorful ways of life displayed before us, the discovery of the magic within.

We just want the strategy.

The how.

The hilarious and ironic thing about it all is that when we remember that we are made of so much more than a body and a mind that perform actions, complete tasks, and check boxes,

the how, the strategy, the method become both irrelevant…

and inevitable.

When we tap into the creative power that created us and the world and the universe,

when we lose ourselves in the joy and bliss of being who we are, of living the lives we chose,

when we feel full and satiated and excited for more of all that is life,

when we know that we are enough, enough in the sense of spilling over the brim, not “just enough” to the brim,

we acknowledge the essence of our god-ness, the pure unconditional energy of love and creativity that thrives within us.

We are literally one with that which is Everything.

And from THAT place, how can we NOT get what we desire?

It’s a mad world.

One in which our desires and the manifestation of them in the physical world know no beginning and end.

Where did a desire begin and exist and transform into an experience, a thing, a relationship, a __?

We are playing in the sandbox of the cosmos,

dancing to the rhythm of the universe,

resting in the heart of God.

And all of that, living in that crazy beautiful madness, informs the rest of us how to be,

informs our bodies to heal and thrive,

our minds to latch onto actually useful thinking,

our hearts to open and blossom,

our lives to soak up the sun and expand.

It informs us about how to live, not with words or instructions,

but informs us how to live from who we are.

When we are tapped into the holy of holies, into our souls, our connection with the Majesty,

we KNOW who we are,

we KNOW what we want,

we KNOW where we intend to go,

we KNOW how to be,


we KNOW what we want for dinner on a Thursday night,

what to say to a overbearing coworker,

how to respond to a needy client,

when to open the doors to a new program or offering,

how to invest our money, manage our finances,

which tea we want to sip on for the evening,

who we need to reach out to about a very specific issue,

what needs to be done about the thing that just hasn’t seemed to be working

and on and on and on and on.

We don’t need an outside strategy to tell us how to do the damn thing we came to do and even — dare I say — ENJOY.

The whole point of life isn’t to do it RIGHT.

It’s to do it YOUR way, whatEVER that looks like, wherever that takes you.

And YOUR way… is embedded in you, in your very DNA, your beautiful heart, your majestic soul.

Let it be easy, to see yourself,

to see that you are cracked out to be everything you wanted to be,

that life has been good to you and there’s more,

that you are meant for all the things and vice versa.

You are the strategy.

Your soul is the strategy.

The strategy is within you.

If you have read this far, you are amazing lol.

Everything I wrote here is teachable, experientially, through meditation.

I’m giving a talk on meditation this Thursday 3/18 @ 6:30pm PT right before my weekly meditation.

You will learn what meditation is in terms of your soul being your strategy.

If you wanna join, comment and I get you the details.



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