The Truth is written on our hearts, spoken by our souls

Grace J. Kim
4 min readFeb 1, 2021


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I think one of the fundamental question we ask about life, want to know about life is:

is Life good inherently?

or is it good because of the things in it?

Maybe not posed in those exact words and order.

But something along those lines.

Also, another question I think we ask:

are WE inherently good?

or is it the things we do,

the roles we fill for those around us,

the things *about* us…?

The truth we seek is found only in the experience of it.

It’s embedded within us.

It’s alrady flowing and true in all parts of us, all part of life.

The ‘work’ is to release the filters that we bought into to function in society, so that we can clearly see what lies underneath it all…

that we can clearly see *ourselves*.

And the truth of who we are… is truly so wonderful

so magnificent

so majestic

so… beautiful.

We all came here to experience *this*.

The journeys all look different, but the vein, the thread that binds us all…

it’s ALL real.

All so true.

We are all *one*.

We are all connected by this thread of truth.

And the intention embedded below our cognitive mind is to learn — that is the thread.

The inherent intention to follow the thread

and follow it

and follow it

and follow it…

That’s really all there is to do.

Follow the shit out of the thread.

It takes us where we’ve always wanted to go…

what we always wanted to feel,

what we always wanted to be.

That’s the great cosmis joke though.

That we already ARE everything we want to be.

We desire to BE, to have it manifested in our lives via our inner peace and knowing and strength,

because we are CODED for it.

It speaks to the Truth of it all, of us all.

The Truth is not one side of a coin.

The Truth is the coin.

The Truth is the whole space around the coin.

The Truth is the hand that holds the coin,

that observes it,

experiences it.

In its unadulterated form, the Truth always leads to love, to freedom, to joy.

There’s no point in trying to overlay the Truth of life to world events, happenings, etc.

The Truth is not so trite or contrived that it can be *applied* to the physical landscape.

BUT underneath all the events and happenings and tangible-ness of our physical existence, the Truth exists.

It is always there, always has been.

There are more people now than EVER *desiring* the Truth, the experience of Truth.

The Truth is not *facts*.

Truth is a feeling.

Truth is a *knowing*.

It’s not so much *what* we’re knowing.

It’s more the experience of, the standing IN our knowing.

It’s subtle.

It’s quiet.

It’s true.

It’s deep.

When we come into it, we *know* it, more than anything in our lives we thought we knew.

We know in those moments, what it REALLY means to KNOW.

Truth is kind.

Truth is gentle






The Truth cannot be written by pen or spoken by words.

The Truth is written on our hearts, spoken by our souls.

When we hear or read a conveyance of Truth, we FEEL it inside of us.

It awakens us,

touches us,

enlivens us.

That is the experience of Truth.

The Truth doesn’t need to KNOW.

The Truth KNOWS.

It knows you.

You know it.

You recognize it when you come into it, when it comes into you.

The Truth is a state of BEING.

Truth is wild and bold.

Truth is yOU.

Truth is here.

Truth is here.

Truth is here.

All is well.

All is well.

All is well.

It makes me shout and whisper:

I love my life.

I truly wildly do.

I love living wide open.

I love living.

It’s the best part of life.

Sounds funny, right?

Living is the best part of life.


It’s all we ever REALLY want, isn’t it?


to FEEL it ALL?

To FEEL the moment, every one of them.

To *feel* US.

To feel GOOD.

To feel God.

THIS is life.


Right here, right now.

Bringing down the Truth from heaven into our lives, into our day to days… it’s the miracle that we came here to create.

Something our minds cannot comprehend.

Which makes it the miracle that it is.

We are here to do what is IMPOSSIBLE for the thing we agreed to take on — the ego — to do.

We CAME here to SHOW, to KNOW, to EXPERIENCE the miracle, the MAGIC of who we are.

To transcend the things we bought into, the structures of thought, rules, ideas that ‘define’ us, ‘define’ life…

to remember we are UNTAMABLE,



IMPECCABLE in all that we are.

We are an essence of the Divine,

spoken from the belly of Love,

designed by Infinite Intelligence,

manifested into perfect droplets of God.

This is life.

It is inherently Good.

We are inherently Good.


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