If You Change Who You Are, You Won’t Need to Change Your Thoughts

Grace J. Kim
4 min readMar 19, 2021
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What would you rather change,

your thoughts?

or the person that thinks the thoughts?

Or rather, which is the actual transformation?

Lots of manifestation teachings out there lead based on mantras and affirmations, training the mind, discipline, etc.

They work.

And there are other ways of going about co-creating with the universe.

The way that I’ve been led in my journey is to forget everything and drop in.

I guess really, with everything, I’ve been led to go inward.

To consider really, truly, deeply, the matters of the heart, the condition of the soul.

Through meditation, through studying the bible, through playing music, through endless conversations with God.

In those moments when I lost myself, I came into incredible being-ness, where I knew what I was encountering was Truth.

Where I knew that God was so close, so near, so IN me.

Where I knew that there was no separation between me and the universe,

the universe was embedded in me,

and I was embedded in the universe.

What came first?

Both and neither.

I came into secrets that could never be spoken, put into words, understood with human logic and rationale.

I could viscerally feel Truth seep into my bones, my cells luxuriating in recognition of its own nature awakened.

In those moments, I knew things were happening, I was walking away a completely different person, but still the same.

But different.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, on what was happening, but all I knew was, I was beginning to live.

I was beginning to be me, all of me.

I was beginning to know me,

to remember that I am so deeply known and loved.

Amidst the dancing, the laughing with God, the blissed-out-ness, the revelatory communion with Spirit, I was evolving.

I had no intention to, not really a desire either.

Because, really, anything we do for fun, for enjoyment, the doing-ness of it is enough.

I got so lost in it.

I had no idea I was completely transforming from within.

It wasn’t evident, to me, in the moment, but it became very evident very soon after.

My thoughts were changing,

my perspective,

my ways of being,

my habits,

my desires,

my vocabulary, even.

My person was changing, the place from which I was creating my life was shifting, evolving, expanding,

to allow into my experience things that I did desire.

Things like meaningful relationships,

healing and peace in my relationship with family,

getting referred out to tutor kids at a rate I wanted,

feeling on-purpose at school,

feeling more at peace with my body…

and that was just in the beginning.

The uplevelment and expansion and abundance have exponentially increased,

in the form of a magnificent partnership with a true treasure of a human,

a job that funds my physical space and all kinds of investments into myself,

peace and clarity with my finances,

drama-free-ness with my family,




So much.

I didn’t use a single mantra or affirmation until a couple years ago.

And even then, it didn’t really stick.

What always stuck, were the intimate moments in the quiet,

in the stillness,

where all I could see, hear, touch, taste, feel was the everlasting presence of All That Is residing inside me.

Getting lost in me in the universe in me was everything.

It doesn’t seem like the easiest route, and it certainly doesn’t seem like the sexiest route,

but looking back, I know that is how I created the life I live right now.

I know that I changed the person within.

I healed her, the child.

I saw her for who she is and sliced through the bullshit and gave her a chance to breathe, to see and breathe Truth.

I believed in her, trusted her, loved her all the way through.

And through that inner transformation, life transformed.

It couldn’t not.

I became the person who walked in love, peace, joy, abundance, faith, confidence, etc etc etc.

and walked in increasing levels of these things.

The rest was an observation.

The practice was always about knowing myself, of going inward, experiencing my god-ness, being in my being-ness.

The practice was always about seeing myself, choosing myself, preferring myself, honoring myself.

The rest followed.

It’s the person within that thinks the thoughts that become things.

We are all designed to elevate, expand, evolve.

All we have to do is drop into the place that never changes and is never the same.

Encounter Truth, integrate with the universe within.

It’s enough.

It’s always been enough.

Watch life respond.

You will be both blown away and nestled in your infinite immaculate knowing: ‘but of course’.

It is your destiny, your calling, your path to come home.


Originally published at https://gracejyk.com on March 19, 2021.